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Premium quality. Soft wood chop, untreated and without chemical additives or bark. High absorption hygienic product, used as bedding for rodents, birds and small animals.

Boxengold, the innovative clumping and ecological bedding for animals made of 100% pure spruce wood, comes directly from the vigorous forests of Transylvania.

With the eco-friendly Boxengold Premium bedding, the urine can first drain down and then be absorbed directly into the lower layers.

We at AMECO Renewable Energy produce excellent pellets in accordance with quality standards set by independent experts using only pure natural wood in accordance with ENplus A1

Sawdust briquettes are increasingly used in heating systems, especially for stoves and Swedish stoves. Wood briquettes come in different shapes: from circular to rectangular and octagonal.

When it comes to gardening, Horseriding or outdoor wood solutions, Ameco is your partner, whatever you wish to build!

With the BOXENGOLD® cat scoop, the clumping litter can be easily removed and the unused litter is sieved out.

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Produced from pure salt rock, without any additives, extracted from the Carpathian salt mines.