Peletii premium ai firmei AMECO
1,333 RON/ 1 Kg (20 Ron/Sac de 15 kg)

We at AMECO Renewable Energy produce excellent pellets in accordance with quality standards set by independent experts using only pure natural wood in accordance with ENplus A1

The price of the product does not include the cost of transport.
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Welcome to the world of Ameco green energy sources - it's great that you've found your way to us!

We at Ameco believe that heating your home should not be a luxury, but in our day, this need has become expensive and difficult. The belief of our business is based on the possibility of reducing costs in an efficient and environmentally friendly way, offering customers comfort and quality.
Our company, one with majority Swiss capital, brings to Romania knowledge based on several years of experience in Western Europe and wants to present you the opportunities offered by these economical and convenient products.

What does using an ,,Ameco" product mean?

In addition to efficiency, quality and comfort, we want to emphasize the sensitivity for the environment, because the products comply with the highest standards of environmental protection "EN PLUS".
Pellet production offers the possibility to use waste from agriculture and forestry. Softwood sawdust and wood chips (spruce, pine, etc.) are cleaned / peeled using special equipment, then dried, crushed, pressed and packaged.
The stability of the shape is achieved through the lignin present in the wood and by adding a natural binder.
The manufacturing process takes place without the use of chemicals. By pressing correctly, the pellets acquire a high calorific value and are the ideal alternative for oil and natural gas.
In the late 1990s, a real pellet boom began in Europe. Originally conceived as a niche market, more and more households and companies are now relying on the help of pellets and know how to appreciate this cheap and sustainable form of heating.
We at AMECO Renewable Energy produce excellent pellets in accordance with quality standards set by independent experts.

Here we are talking mainly about the following advantages of wood pellets

With an automatic feeding the pellets are easy to use.
The required storage space corresponds to that of oil.
The pellets are dry and easy to transport.
Wood pellets are a renewable, sustainable, carbon-neutral, and environmentally friendly product.
Pellets are the fuel of the present and the future: convenient, harmless and available all year round. Pellet stoves are modern and useful forms of heating. For the production of our pellets we use only untreated sawdust and wood chips.

The advantages of pellets

The use of pellet heating systems is advantageous from several points of view:
Fire protection:

The operation of the pellet boiler is designed for forced draft combustion.
This technology guarantees the safety of your home against fire, because without electricity, the flame will go out in a few seconds.
Comfort guarantee:

  • Pellet burning has a great autonomy, the owner of the wood-fired boiler enjoying an extra comfort;
  • Due to the fact that the pellet systems have a very high efficiency (between 85% and 97%) and the pellets have a very low ash content, their use is cleaner and simpler than wood heating.
  • Combustion emits very little smoke. 
  • It is not necessary to have a large space for storing pellets, you can always buy a few bags, and due to the packaging, the transport is very simple with low costs.
  • Does not require preparation as is the case with wood.

Efficiency guarantee:

The pellet systems have low energy consumption and can be connected to a wireless room thermostat or on the phone, making combustion and heating more efficient in order to obtain the desired thermal comfort at the most advantageous costs. You will be able to set the desired temperature, and thus the operation of the boiler will be adapted to your needs.

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Eco-friendly product:

Unlike fossil fuels, pellets are carbon neutral, which means that they do not emit CO2 when burned. Pellet heating representatives contribute to the well-being of the environment.

Favorable price: AMECO pellets are much cheaper than fossil fuels
Space saving: Although they have a high energy density, pellets need a small storage space. A chamber used for the oil tank can be easily converted into a pellet storage chamber.
Market demand: Pellet heating is promoted in countless European countries, such as Austria, Germany, Italy, etc..

Package type:

15 kg bags
1250 kg bags, called "big bags"
Friable pellets for construction in tanks
The maximum weight that transport vehicles can support is 23.4 tons of pellets packed in bags or 22.8 tons of pellets packed in "big bags".


Technical specifications:

This product is created without chemical additives or bark, it is made of sawdust and fresh wood chips.

HP5 wood pellets with a diameter of 6 mm
The calorific value of the pellets is approximately 18 Mj / Kg
Humidity: <10%
Low ash content: <0.7%
In addition, the most significant certificate that can be obtained for pellets!