Mineral salt for Horses, BOXENGOLD, 2.8 Kg

Mineral salt for Horses, BOXENGOLD, 2.8 Kg
Produced from pure salt rock, without any additives, extracted from the Carpathian salt mines.
The price of the product doesn’t include the cost of transport.
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BOXENGOLD salt blocks are suitable as mineral supplements for all types of animals. However, the size and weight of the blocks are especially suitable for cattle, horses, sheep, goats, pigs and larger animals. It can be used in organic farming. It’s economical as a food supplement and compatible with demand. Proven quality. Healthy and strong animals are an advantage in the herd, in sports, for milk production and for breeding. Determining individual salt necessity is complex. It depends on the species, age, use and performance of the animal. Instinctively the animal licks the salt to cover its needs. Overdose or addictive behavior is excluded. BOXENGOLD salt block works as an effective food supplement.

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The salt rock used in production is formed in the depths of the Carpathian Mountains over 200 million years ago. The salt is extracted from the Carpathians, it doesn’t get in contact with any external environment from the formation until the moment of extraction. It has a very high degree of purity, the contaminants being absent.
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Mineral salt from the Carpathian Mountains
BOXENGOLD salt blocks represent the perfect mineral intake for animals!
- 100% natural - High quality - Contains over 84 different minerals and trace elements - It was formed over 200 million years ago - No expiry date